Why Alcohol Causes Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Published: 03rd March 2009
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More and more people experience panic attacks nowadays and it looks like alcohol may be one of the main reasons that causes anxiety panic attacks. If you're wondering if alcohol can cause panic attacks, the answer is YES. The more alcohol a patient consumes while suffering from panic disorder the greater the risk is to increase the anxiety levels and panic attack intensity.

Researchers found that alcohol increases the heart beat and automatically sets your nervous system into a high state of hyperactivity, which will most likely cause a panic attack.

You might drink alcohol thinking that you'd be able to calm nerves and be more relaxed, however in reality you only worsening your condition and increasing the risks of triggering future panic attacks. There's no real medical proof that a glass of wine for example will affect you, actually drinking 50 ml of red wine once in a while will improve your blood circulation but it can cause panic attacks. It's best to stay away from alcohol altogether.

Some other drinks that should be avoided while suffering panic disorders are: Energy drinks (Redbull), coffee, dark English tea and acid drinks.

Conclusion: If you have had concerns about what possibly may cause you panic attacks then the first thing to keep in mind is that alcohol highly increases the risks to have panic attacks.

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