What You Don't Know About Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Published: 03rd March 2009
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Whenever we speak about anxiety and panic attacks diets play an important role whether our condition gets better or worse, researchers say. Most patients aren't aware that certain foods will only increase their tension, irritability and nervousness. Therefore anxiety disorders can even be prevented by choosing to eat healthy foods.

Stay away from coffee. Even if it sounds tough to give up, you should know that caffeine is the most dangerous stimulant for the nervous system that triggers anxiety and panic attacks. Therefore, you should avoid coffee, tea, pop, energy drinks and chocolate, they all contain caffeine.

Eat less sugar. Try to avoid white refined sugar as much as possible, instead consume brown sugar. When eating sugars our blood circulation speed increases and you become more nervous. By avoiding sugar you will decrease your overall levels of anxiety and prevent future panic attacks.

White flour. Generally speaking foods containing white flour also increase your blood sugar levels and again your chance to have a panic attack is tremendously increased.

Avoid processed foods. Processed foods include canned, frozen, refrigerated, dehydrated and aseptic processed products, so they aren't just what you pick up at the drive through. The only reason processed foods should be avoided is mainly because producers use a variety of unhealthy chemicals while they process such foods. (There are more than 6000 actually).

Stay away from alcohol. Most patients suffering from anxiety and panic attacks might be tempted to start consuming alcohol drinks. This is very common, but alcohol should only be consumed in light moderation and only on very rare occasions or not at all.

These are only a few of the many things you can do to avoid when dealing with anxiety and panic. If you really want to cure anxiety and panic attacks then you need to arm yourself with all the knowledge you can to fight them. It will cost you a small amount of money, but your health is well worth it.

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